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Houston, we have a Dolphin!

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An anchovy in the floppy drive? This could only mean one thing... "Houston," The captain grabbed his first mate, “we have a Dolphin!”.


Houston, we have a Dolphin! is a card-based social deduction game for 3-5 players. It's the board game for all Among Us fans out there!

Each player controls a team of up to 4 astronauts with different abilities, possibly fooled by a murderous dolphin. During dangerous spacewalks the human players try to repair the sabotaged spaceship, unaware if their companion helps them or secretly wants to undermine the mission. The Captain’s command then decides about the fate of his crew members. But a crew in panic can easily overthrow his shifty captain!

Discover your friends true intentions, fraternize with them or eject them into the void. Will you regain the spaceship or do you fight for a wetter world? 



  • 24 astronaut cards including 12 engineers, 5 heroes, 2 dolphins, 1 captain, 2 observers, 1 doggo, 1 microwave
  • 16 PANIC tokens 
  • 1  spaceship board
  • 7  team badges
  • 1  Captain’s marker: Eagle
  • 1  overview: space walk combos
  • 1  rulebook

Language: all physical content comes in German & English


  •  Houston, we have a dolphin! App 

    Language: app in German, English, Polish, Japanese (NEW!), Spanish (NEW!) - Your language is missing? Contact us and help us integrate it!

    Download the app here:


      Mind, that you need a smart device with front camera and android version 7.0 or IOS 10 or younger to play this game!


      Discover enhanced Heroes in the Houston, we have a Dolphin! CYBORG Heroes Expansion!