Soviet Kitchen Unleashed

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 Soviet Kitchen is a cooperative card game about blending the weirdest ingredients in a meat grinder to match the perfect color! But beware comrades, Mother Russia can’t withstand your toxic recipes forever! 

To play the game you need a device with front camera and android 5.0/ IOS 10 or younger. Some features of the game require an internet connection (highscore, login).

What's in the box?:

  • 106 wacky ingredient cards separated in one starter deck and 4 unlockable decks
  • Rulebook in english and german
in the Soviet Kitchen Unleashed App:
  • Storymode with 22 missions - Cook your way up from military field cooks to gourmet chefs in the Kremlin on a secret KGB mission! Keep the Ruble rolling while you unlock new cards chapter by chapter. 
  • Challenge mode with three different game modes
  • Global high score - Compare your team with players around the world!


Not only Lenin approves:

And in French (Mind that you can get the French version of the game from our partner igiari):